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Our brands


Brand Overview

AMADORI is one of the leading companies in the Italian agro-food sector, an innovative company and specialist in the poultry market. AMADORI offers a vast range of poultry products for the retail and foodservice sectors.

Using 100 per cent Italian poultry meat, AMADORI offers high-quality products available in fresh or frozen range. Quality is guaranteed by IQF (individually quick frozen) technology for extra goodness and flavour.

Local Range

For those who like tasty products which are quick to prepare, the local range of AMADORI products offers traditional breaded products and a snack line, ideal for a bite, including Cordon Bleu, chicken fillets, chicken nuggets, buffalo wings, chicken strips and turkey slices and a no-fry breaded line for a healthy and balanced diet such as chicken thighs, drumsticks and turkey breast slices.

Please contact us for a detailed list of products available under this brand name.

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