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Brand Overview

3-STAR is a brand of Salami from 3-STAR, the foremost producer of Danish salami, pepperoni, dry cured sausages and cooked delicatessen sausages. The Company was founded in 1950 and sold in 2000 becoming part of the Swedish owned company Sardus. Today the Finnish food group Atria Scandinavia holds the ownership of Sardus.

3-STAR is brand leader in Denmark. 72% of its sales are to the domestic market and 25% are export sales.

Local Use

Salami is used in the summer months with a variety of cold dishes and in the cooler months in sandwiches.

Local Range

Locally the range for the retail trade includes sliced and whole salami in a variety of flavours. Various whole salamis are also available for the catering trade.

Please contact us for a detailed list of products available under this brand name.

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