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Brand Overview

The FLORA brand was invented by a Lever Bros scientific development team in response to a request by the medical profession for a healthy alternative to butter and hard margarines. The end result was a spread that was high in polyunsaturated fat and at least 70% lower in saturated fat than butter. Today FLORA is one of Unilever’s largest brands. In some countries it is sold under the BECEL brand. The range includes a variety of spreads to meet the different requirements of different consumers. Central to its aim is consumers’ heart health. To this aim a local FLORA website was created in 2008 as a central location for information relating to how the brand can support consumer’s health.

Local Use

FLORA is used locally as a spread for sandwiches as well as in cooking.

Local Range

The range consists of a variety of spreads for consumers with different needs. It also includes FLORA white used for baking.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.

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