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Brand Overview

SORBETTI CUORE is a locally created brand for the Unilever Foodsolutions (Italy) back-of-house sorbet range. The brand has been created to offer a front-of-house dessert option for clients to sell to their consumers. Catering clients are offered the complete solution including product, sorbet machine, serving glasses and POS material to communicate the brand to their end consumers.

The product itself falls within the Unilever Foodsolutions (Italy) range of desserts branded Carte d’Or alsa. Unilever foodsolutions has for the past 40 years been engaged in becoming foodservice operators all over the world. It combines the trusted food heritage behind their range of established brands, with innovation and cutting edge research, to provide an extensive portfolio of mealsolutions.

Local Use

SORBETTI CUORE has only recently been launched on the local market. It has already been taken up by a number of catering outlets to offer consumers a real sorbet dessert option. Such outlets include restaurants, casual dinning outlets and also beach clubs.

Local Range

The current range consists of a variety of sorbet flavours.

For a detailed list of products available under this brand name please see our product catalogue.

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